Master of Project Academy Program Review: [Read Before Purchase]

You may be looking for a reliable online training provider who delivers a PMP certification training course. So in this article, you will find a review of the Master of Project Academy PMP programs with the advantages and disadvantages of online training programs. Thus, you may go through the review. Consequently, you will able to decide whether Master of Project Academy PMP certification program is the right choice for you.

We have gone through several websites and examined hundreds of Master of Project Academy students’ reviews on several resources. Here is the summary of the pros and cons:

Top Pros:

  • All types of training delivery options: virtual in-person, on-premises, and self-paced
  • Real-life project cases, easy to follow the curriculum, and comprehensive content
  • Prompt customer service – responses within 24 hours

Top Cons:

  • Some students complain that they are not refunded after they exceeded 10% (btw, it is clear on their sales pages)

Here is a snapshot of the Master of Project Academy Reviews on Google.

Master of Project Academy Google Reviews

Here is a snapshot of the Master of Project Academy Reviews on BBB.

Master of Project Academy BBB Reviews

Here is a snapshot of the Master of Project Academy Reviews on TrustPilot.

We will go over all aspects one-by-one in this post.

Master of Project Academy was founded in the year 2012 by Resit Gulec as a blog for project management and IT service management. After Master of Project Academy courses gained popularity, it became one of the leading and cost-effective online training provider in Project management, IT Service Management, and Agile domains.

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Before diving into the details of Master of Project Academy PMP offerings, let’s learn some more facts about Master of Project Academy.

Evolution of Master of Project Academy PMP

Resit Gulec is the CEO and Founder of Master of Project Academy. He has a rich experience of over 10 years in IT Project management in the areas such as Project Management, Product Management, People Management, Account Management, and IT Service Management. Besides, his experience is spread over from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Furthermore, he has worked in the industry as a project manager in big companies like Nokia and Ericsson across the globe. On top of it, he has an MBA degree from the London School of Business and Finance. Also, he used to deliver project management courses at the university for undergraduates and MBA students. Thereafter, he planned to put rehearsals to online education platform and wanted to test the feedback. Luckily, he got tremendous good feedback which inspired him to prepare and publish more than 13 courses in 13 months.

As a result, he launched Master of Project Academy PMP Training programs with multiple new courses. So far, Master of Project Academy has delivered online courses to 100,000+ professional in 180 countries in order to enhance their skills and advance their career.

In fact, one of the salient features of the Master of Project Academy PMP Programs is that their first attempt pass rate is more than 99.6% and all of their courses are 100% online and self-paced.

Master of Project Academy PMP

Unlike the other PMP training providers do, Master of Project Academy PMP figures do not count all attempt (second and third etc.) pass rates in this pass ratio. This is the first-attempt pass rate of their students. Check the most popular PMP Training from Master of Project Academy.

The main motto of the Master of Project Academy is to learn at your pace in any place.

Their company philosophy is:

  • They believe in “No policies”. So, they do not have policies which describe when to do what to do their people. Hence they believe in exhibiting the history of best practices.
  • No hierarchy structure exists, in other words, there is no organization chart. In fact, self engagement is the principle followed by leads in work organization.
  • Even though they set targets and deadlines, they do not have fixed working hour schedule.

Their core values are:

  • Professionalism
  • Being self-scheduled
  • Feedback

The mission of the Master of Project Academy

It is to make these courses accessible and affordable for all professionals and hence providing premium education all around the world.

Unique features offered by the Master of Project Academy are:

  1. Thousands of world-class professionals are available in an online forum to discuss the queries. Hence, if you have queries about the lecture you have attended, you can easily connect with your peers.
  2. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  3. Your satisfaction and success is their main goal.
  4. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Therefore, you have nothing to lose.
  5. Response time to resolve the query is 24 Hours.
  6. Highest Success Rate in the industry which is 99.6%.
  7. Easily downloadable Material
  8. Another remarkable feature of the Master of Project Academy PMP offerings is that it offers free PMP training. While this training provides some insight about PMP certification exam details, it also gives you PMP study materials, tips, and tricks, etc.

The free PMP training includes:

    • Sample Video Lectures, handouts, and questions from the online PMP training
    • Downloadable free study material of PMP
    • 9 Frequently asked questions of PMP along with answers
    • PMP requirements
    • Step by step video guide for PMP application online
    • Tips and Tricks and alsı reviews of the latest candidates who have appeared in the PMP Exam.

9.  Master of Project Academy offers PMP Prep Book based on latest PMBOK edition at a nominal price of $39.90. The main advantage of this book is that it has been organized like a real project. It comprises of 25 Case Studies, 175 most important points to know from PMBOK, Unique learning approach to answer each Earned Value Management (EVM) question correctly, Sample 200+Questions PMP exam and 450+ Pages PMP book in PDF format.

10. Recently, they have introduced a new feature of a one-hour sample session by Instructor Bill Lewis. It is very beneficial for aspirants. So that you can check the quality of training before investing the money in real PMP Training.

How Master of Project Academy reached the audience?

First, they used various channels to reach the audience like coupon sites. Secondly, they started publishing helpful articles every week to improve their visibility. Then, they posted regularly trending news about IT & Business World through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Furthermore, word of mouth is the most effective channel which brought a large number of aspirants to their site.

master of project academy pmp

Master of Project Academy Training Programs

Master of Project Academy programs offers 26 courses which include PMP certification training, CAPM certification training, PMI ACP, PRINCE2, Agile Scrum, Lean Six Sigma.

All courses are 100% online and self-paced. The success rate is 99.6% for the first-time pass rate in PMP certification after completing the training.

They have 3 different modes of PMP training which are:

  1. PMP Online Training
  2. Virtual Online Training
  3. One to One Online Coaching

Master of Project Academy PMP Programs

This PMP Certification is ideal for experienced professionals looking forward to advancing their Project Management Career by gaining PMP certification at first attempt. Also, it is useful for project management roles which include Project Managers, Assistant Managers, Team Leads/Managers, Project Executives, Team Leads, Software developer and aspiring Project Managers.

What is the PMP Certification?

PMP certification is the most essential industry-recognized certification for project managers. Because it is globally recognized and demanded, the PMP shows that you have the experience, training, and competency to lead and direct the project. This recognition is seen through expanded marketability to employers and a higher salary.

PMP certification has the purpose of familiarizing professionals with the concepts and techniques of effective project management. It not only addresses the requirements of project managers in project integration, quality, cost, human resources, risk and time. Most importantly, it builds up skills in communication management. Hence, attaining the PMP certification is the right decision as it shows your commitment to the project management profession and demonstrates credibility.

Requirements of PMP Certification

  1. First and foremost requirement is to attend 35 hours of Project Management education from a recognized training institute and earn 35 contact hours
  2. Secondly, either you should have a four-year degree course and minimum 3+ years of project experience or you should have diploma degree along with minimum 5+ years of experience in leading and managing projects

Master of Project Academy offers a PMP course which is a self-paced online training that helps you prepare for the PMP certification exam even if you are a full-time employee.

Different Pricing Options are:

  • Monthly Subscription: You just need to pay $67 per month
    • The advantage is that sooner you complete the course, the lesser you need to pay
    • Also, you can cancel  your subscription anytime
  • Yearly Subscription: You just need to pay $370 for a duration of 1 year
    • The advantage is that you can learn at your own pace. Besides, you have ample time to complete the training and prepare for the exam
    • Also, you can revisit key lectures and highlights to get yourself better prepared for the exam
  • Now if you want to attend live instructor-led PMP online class, then it starts from $1,070
    • The advantage is that you can attend 4 days and 35 contact hours interactive sessions of instructor driven PMP online training.
    • Additionally, you can access 35 Hours of self-paced training

Master of Project PMP

The Advantages of Master of Project Academy PMP Program:

1. A simpler way of explaining concepts

  • Explanation of theoretical concepts with real-world project examples makes you understand the concepts in simpler terms

2. 35 contact hours of PMP certification training

  • Once you have attended 35 hours of PMP training then you will get a certificate of completion with 35 contact hours.
  • Furthermore, these hours need to be filled in the application form as it is prerequisite to appear for PMP exam.

3. Accessibility of Material

  • Training material can be accessed via mobile phone or computer. Hence, you can utilize your time while traveling in a car or train.

4. Easily Downloadable

  • You can download Course Material, Sample questions, and Videos at any time. Therefore, you don’t require the internet connection all the time to access course material while it can be downloaded once and can be used offline
  • High-quality PMP study tools like cheat sheets and 1,500+ Flash Cards can both be downloaded

5. 24/7 support from the support team

  • Response Time to queries is very good. Once you raise a query on the dashboard, the expert responds within 24 hours, so it will give you a feel of the classroom.
  • Online Forum is available with peer experts across the world to participate in active discussions

6. A large number of Practice Questions for Preparation

  • Over 1400 practice questions to test your skills and prepare for certification
  • Lots of practice questions by knowledge area along with rationales are available
  • PMP Exam simulator with 7 Real Like Exams is available

7. Highest Success Rate

  • In PMP certification, Master of Project Academy has the highest success rate of 99.6% in the industry of PMP certification training

8. Flexibility to Learn

  • You can plan your study, learn and prepare at your own pace whenever and wherever you want, even if you are a working professional
  • In other words, it allows professionals to attend training at a schedule that fits their busy lives. No set date, no set number of hours. Also, no need to take time off to accommodate a course schedule in a physical classroom

9. Good Study Material

  • 300+ lectures and 35 hours of video training

10. Money Back Guarantee

  • Master of Project academy provides a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. Thus, it affirms the quality of training and study material

11. Sample PMP certification exam

  • These tests are useful to test your knowledge so that you check the preparedness level before appearing for the actual exam

12. Guide to fill the application form

  • Step by step guidance on how to apply for PMP exam

13. Flexible Pricing Option

  • For PMP Preparation, Master of Project Academy offers 3 pricing options and you can choose depending on your time available to prepare the exam such as Monthly Plan, Annual Plan or Lifetime access Plan
  • The best aspect is that you can cancel the subscription anytime you want to

Master of Project Academy PMP Training

The Disadvantages of Master of Project Academy PMP Program:

Despite the above strengths, there are few disadvantages of Master of Project Academy PMP Programs:

  1. First, the disadvantage of this training institute is that they are mainly into online trainings. And, they do not offer classroom training. Sometimes candidates prefer classroom training to have direct interaction with the instructor. Due to this fact, they are more comfortable in going for classroom training than online training.
  2. Another disadvantage is they do not give your money back if you fail in the PMP exam. Well, considering their 99.6% first-attempt rate, maybe there is no need to offer such a feature though.

The Structure of Master of Project Academy PMP Training Program

The curriculum is based on the latest PMBOK edition.

  • It consists of 16 sections along with several lectures and a quiz at the end of each chapter.
  • Besides, Master of Project Academy PMP programs provide frequently occurring concepts and formulas along with 125 Practice Questions by Knowledge areas.
  • Deliverables include PMP Sample Exam to practice for exam and 50 Project Management Templates that can be used in real-world scenarios.

Chapter 1: Introduction: What is PMP?

  • Firstly, they have outlined the structure of the course and how to make use of course materials when you are following the lectures.
  • Secondly, they have described PMP as the most recognized professional certification for project management.
  • Finally, they have explained the certification requirements of PMP

Chapter 2: Applying for the PMP certification exam

  • In this section, they have explained different application methods.
  • Further, they have described step by step to fill online application: Create Profile, Personal Details, Attained Education, PM Experience, PM Education
  • Then, they have Explained the Audit Process done by PMI
  • And Last but not least, examination content is listed for the PMP Certification

Chapter 3: The Environment in which Projects Operate

  • Introduction & The Environment in which Projects Operate
  • Define the Project
  • Define the Operational Work
  • Describe what is project management
  • Distinguish between Program and Portfolio
  • How Projects, Programs, and Portfolios are interrelated?
  • What is the Project Management Office (PMO)?
  • Roles of Project Manager
  • Defining the concept of Management by Objectives?
  • What is Constraint?
  • Defining the Organizational Process Assets?
  • Defining Enterprise Environmental Factors?
  • What are the stakeholders?
  • Explaining the Project Governance
  • Defining the Project Team
  • Explaining the Organization Structures
  • Describing the advantages and disadvantages of different Organizational Structures
  • Comparison of different Organizational Structures
  • Defining the Life Cycle
  • Explanation of Project Management Process Groups
  • Defining the Project and Development Life cycles
  • What are Project phases and Phase Gates?
  • What is Project Business Case
  • Describing the Benefits Management Plan
  • How can we tailor the project
  • Lesson Learned along with the quiz

Chapter 4: Project Management Processes

  • Describing the 5 Project Management Process Groups
  • Overview and defining the Activities of Initiating Process Group
  • Describing the Activities of Planning Process Group
  • Overview and defining the Activities of Executing Process Group
  • Defining the Activities of Monitoring & Controlling Process Group
  • Overview and defining the Activities of Closing Process Group
  • Mapping of Knowledge area Processes to Process Group
  • Questions and Answer Session

Chapter 5: Role of the Project Manager

  • Overview of Role of Project Manager
  • Project Manager Sphere of Influence
  • PMI Talent Triangle
  • Project Manager Competencies
  • Questions and Answer Session

Chapter 6: Integration Management Knowledge Area

  • Overview of Integration Management
  • Listing the Processes of Integration Management
  • Define the Developing the Project Charter Process along with benefits
  • Describe the different project selection method like Present Value, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Pack Back Period, Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), Economic Value Added (EVA), Opportunity Cost, Sunk Cost, Law of Diminishing Returns, Working Capital and Depreciation
  • Define Project Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Explain Develop Project Management Plan Process
  • Describe key documents like
    • Project Management Plan, Baseline, Requirement Management Plan, Change Management Plan, Configuration Management Plan and system, Process Improvement Plan
  • Explain the Process – Direct and Manage Project Work along with key terms like Corrective Action, Preventive Action, and Defect Repair.
  • Describe the Manage Project Knowledge Process
  • Describe the Monitor and Control Project Work Process
  • Define the Perform Integrated Change Control Process along with key terms like Change Control board and process for making changes
  • Describe the Close Project or Phase Process.
  • Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter

Chapter 7: Scope Management Knowledge Area

  • Overview of Scope Management
  • Distinguish between Project and Product Scope
  • Describe the Plan Scope Management Process
  • Describe the Collect Requirements Process
  • Tools and techniques for Collect Requirements
  • Explain the Key Documents: Requirements Documentation, Balance stakeholder requirements and resolve competing requirements, Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • Describe Define Scope Process along with key documents like Project Scope Statement, Constraints and Assumptions
  • Describe the Create Work Breakdown Structure along with key documents like WBS dictionary, benefits, and rules of using WBS
  • Define Validate Scope Process
  • Describe Control Scope Process
  • Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter

Chapter 8: Schedule Management Knowledge Area

  • Overview of Schedule Management
  • Define Plan Schedule Management Process
  • Explain Define Activities Process with examples
  • Define Sequence Activities Process along with Type of Relationships and Dependencies, Leads and Lags, Network Diagram with examples
  • Define Estimate Activity Duration Process along with techniques like One Point Estimation, Analogous, Parametric, Heuristics, Three Point Estimation with examples
  • Describe Reserve Analysis
  • Define Develop Schedule Process along with Critical Path Method, Schedule Compression Method, What if Scenario Analysis, Resource Leveling, Project schedule, and schedule baseline
  • Describe Control Schedule Process
  • Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter

Chapter 9: Cost Management Knowledge Area

  • Overview of Cost Management
  • Define Plan Cost Management Process along with Life Cycle Costing and Value Engineering.
  • Describe Estimate Cost Process with Types of Cost, Inputs, and Accuracy of Estimates
  • Define Determine Budget Process with example
  • Explain Cost Baseline and Project Budget components
  • Define Control Costs Process along with Earned Value Management and Forecasting
  • Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter

Chapter 10: Quality Management Knowledge Area

  • Overview of Quality Management
  • Introduction to Quality Theorists, Quality Terms and Concepts of Quality Management
  • Distinguish between Quality Management Processes
  • Define Plan Quality Management Process
  • Describe various tools and techniques in Quality Management
  • Explain 7 Basic Quality Tools
  • Describe Manage Quality Process
  • Describe Control Quality Process
  • Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter

Chapter 11: Resource Management Knowledge Area

  • Overview of Resource Management
  • Define key roles like Project Sponsor, Project Team, Stakeholders, Functional Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, and Portfolio Manager
  • Define the responsibilities of the above key roles.
  • Describe Plan Resource Management Process along with key terms like Organization Chart & Position Descriptions, Resource Management Plan, Staffing Management Plan, Resource Histogram, Recognition and Reward System
  • Define Estimate Activity Resources Process
  • Define Tools and Techniques used in Estimate Activity Resource Process along with terms like Halo Effect, Virtual Teams.
  • Describe Acquire Resources Process
  • Define Develop team process along with activities like Team Building
  • Define Tools and Techniques used in Develop Team process
  • Describe Manage Team process
  • Describe Tools and Techniques in Manage Team process
  • Explain Powers of Project Managers along with Conflict Management, Techniques of Conflict Resolution
  • Define Different theories of motivation like Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, Mc Gregor’s Theory of X & Y, David McClelland Theory of Needs and Herzberg Theory
  • Define Control Resources
  • Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter

Chapter 12: Communications Management Knowledge Area

  • Overview of Communications Management
  • Describe potential dimensions in processes of Communication Management
  • Describe effective communication skills
  • Define Plan Communications Management Process
  • Explain the number of potential communication channels, Communication technology, Communication models, Communication Methods and Communication Management Plan
  • Define Manage Communications process
  • Define Monitor Communications Process
  • Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter

Chapter 13: Risk Management Knowledge Area

  • Overview of Risk Management
  • Explain Risk Management Concepts
  • Define Plan Risk Management Process and Risk Management Plan
  • Explain Identify Risks Process
  • Describe Tools and techniques for risk identification along with risk register
  • Define Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Process
  • Define Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Process
  • Describe tools and techniques for Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Process
  • Define Plan Risk Response Process
  • Explain Risk Response strategies for Negative Risks
  • Explain Risk Response strategies for Positive Risks
  • Describe contingent response strategies
  • Define Implement Risk Responses
  • Define Monitor Risk Processes
  • Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter

Chapter 14: Procurement Management Knowledge Area

  • Overview of Procurement Management
  • Describe Procurement Concepts
  • Define the role of the project manager in Procurement
  • Distinguish between Centralized and Decentralized Contracting
  • Define Plan Procurement Management Process
  • Different types of contracts – Fixed Price Contracts, Cost Reimbursable Contracts, and Time & Material Contracts.
  • Define Tools and techniques in Plan Procurement Management along with key documents like Procurement Management plan, Procurement Statement of Work, Procurement (Bid) Documents, Source Selection Criteria
  • Define Conduct Procurements Process
  • Describe Tools and Techniques in Conduct Procurements
  • Define Control Procurements Process
  • Describe Tools and Techniques in Control Procurements
  • Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter

Chapter 15: Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area

  • Overview of Stakeholder Management
  • Define Identify Stakeholders Process
  • Describe Tools and techniques in Identify Stakeholders Process
  • Define Stakeholder register
  • Define Plan Stakeholder Engagement Process
  • Describe Tools and Techniques in Plan Stakeholder Engagement Process
  • Describe the Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Define Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  • Define Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
  • Questions and Answers at the end of each chapter

Chapter16: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • Listing the code of ethics and professional responsibility to be followed.

125 Practice Questions by Knowledge Area

  • Integration Management -15 Practice Questions
  • Scope Management -10 Practice Questions
  • Schedule Management-15 Practice Questions
  • Cost Management-15 Practice Questions
  • Quality Management-10 Practice Questions
  • Resource Management-10 Practice Questions
  • Communications Management-10 Practice Questions
  • Risk Management- 10 Practice Questions
  • Procurement Management-10 Practice Questions
  • Stakeholder Management-10 Practice Questions
  • Professional Responsibility-10 Practice Questions       

Master of Project PMP Programs

Ratings on online portals for Master of Project Academy is 5 Stars (Excellent)

Master of Project PMP Review

Testimonials from Master of Project Academy PMP students 

  • “Instructor teaches theoretical concepts of project management in an easier and very understandable manner. He also gives real-world examples and enables you to understand concepts clearly. Furthermore, online PMP questions and solutions of the questions at the end of each section complete the concepts covered in the section. I definitely recommend this online PMP course for your PMP Journey.”

  • “These PMP Course materials of Master of Project Academy was excellent. That’s why PMP online training from MoPA is the foundation of my PMP Pass success. Also, the additional PMP exams & Maths Lectures were of the best quality of practice exams I utilized. Hence my performance was “Above Target” for all five domains. This is the highest PMP score a candidate can get.”

  • Well Organized Detailed PMP Exam Prep Lectures. Because for every single section, the instructor explains the topic with real-world examples. This 35 hours online PMP training gives you a nice description of Project Management Concepts and the examples mentioned are from real life experiences. Thanks, Master of Project Academy for this wonderful PMP training online program. I appreciate your hard work.”

  • You can do as many of the lectures as you want or if you only have time for a few, that’s ok. In other words, you can pause and rewind if you don’t understand a concept. As this was my first online class experience, I really wish that I had that pause replay option when I was taking advanced classes in college. So I would absolutely recommend Master of Project Academy. Because I scored above target in all 5 domains. Lastly, I am very excited about the next phase of my career development.”

  • “PMP Certification training materials are really wonderful. Additionally, the recorded explanation of every topic was concise yet they were elaborative enough to get an in-depth insight into the topic. Also, the best was the prompt responses to the queries. Last 2 days, I went through the handouts as the final revision of every knowledge area. At least, 80% of the questions were similar to the questions in the real PMP exam. This helped me to clear the PMP exam confidently.”

Sample Questions

Here I checked few sample questions posted by Master of Project Academy and to my knowledge, questions are well framed and the best part is that rationale is given along with answers which will help the aspirant to understand the concept and reasoning of chosen answer thoroughly.

Here is a sample question for your reference:

Master of Project PMP Training

Master of Project Academy Alternatives for PMP Training

After considering all pros and cons of Master of Project Academy PMP training programs, you might think that it is not a good fit for you. We have explored the other PMP training programs which can be a Master of Project Academy alternative for you.

You can read our Top 10 PMP Training post to see all PMP training options and ratings.

#1 Master of Project Academy Alternative for PMP Training

If you are a fan of in-person PMP training programs, Project Management Academy PMP programs might be a good option for you. They have self-paced PMP programs as well however their reputation comes from in-person PMP classes. Four-day PMP classroom training starts around $2,500. Considering you can enroll in a comprehensive self-paced PMP training for $67/month, this is quite excessive. However, you can evaluate this option as well.

#2 Master of Project Academy Alternative for PMP Training

Another Master of Project Academy alternative can be Project Management Prepcast PMP programs. Cornelius Fichtner, who is an experienced project management expert, is the founder of Project Management Prepcast platform. They have self-paced PMP options however they do not offer in-person or instructor-led PMP classes which is a big negative for this Master of Project Academy PMP alternative.

#3 Master of Project Academy Alternative for PMP Training

Another Master of Project Academy PMP program alternative can be Simplilearn PMP programs. Simplilearn offers self-paced and instructor-led PMP training programs. However, they have a very unfair pricing strategy. If you are visiting their page from india, you can enroll in a training costs as low as $100 (they show pricing in INR, which is local currency for India) while visitors from Europe or United States can see more than $600 for the same self-paced content material. You can read all pros and cons of Simplilearn PMP Programs.

#4 Master of Project Academy Alternative for PMP Training

You might have heard of Udemy, which is a learning platform where several instructors place their content and students can purchase and enroll in their curriculum. You can consider Udemy PMP programs as a Master of Project Academy PMP training alternative. However, keep in mind that the instructors you see on Udemy may not be there after your purchase next day. Moreover, their content may not be 35 contact hours.  This is a very big problem and con for Udemy PMP programs. Even though many programs advertise that they suffice 35 contact hours requirement of PMP exam, their content is far below of 35 contact hours if you a little bit look on the training page. You can see our comprehensive review about Udemy PMP programs.

#5 Master of Project Academy Alternative for PMP Training

If you have lots of money that you do not consider how much you will pay for the PMP training, you can consider Velociteach PMP option. While there are no significant difference of their virtual or in-person PMP training programs, they ask for around $2,500 to attend in their program. This option is well-known by the founder of the organization who is Andy Crowe. He has a PMP book as well and may be that is why Andy Crowe PMP platform is significantly more expensive than the other options in the market.

Master of Project Academy PMP Review Conclusion

In this post, we have reviewed both the pros and cons of Master of Project Academy PMP Program. In regard to factors such as cost-effectiveness, reliability, success rate and quality of material and training, Master of Project Academy is the best choice.

Without any doubt, it is one of the best online training providers in PMP Programs. Moreover, every now and then, they are in the process of adding some new features to the online program. Furthermore, they keep on introducing new coupons and discounts to aspirants.  As a result, their high-quality content can be useful to a large number of people and can make aspirants certified soon.