So, you have decided to earn your CISSP certification and have already begun your journey. You knew there was a lot to be done in order for you to fully prepare for the exam. You have attended the CISSP certification course, obtained the study material, and now it is time for your assessment. The CISSP certification can never be complete unless you go through the best CISSP exam practice questions and assess the level of your preparation. 

Best CISSP Exam Practice Questions are provided by:

  • #1 – Master of Project Academy
  • #2 – SimpliLearn
  • #3 – Boson
  • #4 – Human Element
  • #5 – Cybervista

When you go through the CISSP exam practice questions, you then really know where currently you are standing. And, the best CISSP exam practice questions will allow you to know your strengths as well as the weaknesses of the CISSP 8 modules. Maybe you will score great in some questions, and in some questions, you may fail. So, only after you have practiced the best CISSP exam practice questions, you will know which area of CISSP you need to focus on more. And, once you will know it, you should then make a plan to revisit those CISSP domains and the particular topics within them in order to maximize your understanding of them.

Having said that, it is very important that you have the best CISSP exam practice questions with you. Going through the best CISSP exam practice questions will ensure you have covered all the 8 domains of CISSP and that you have assessed yourself in all the topics explained in CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).

CISSP Exam Simulator

The CISSP Exam Practice Questions

You may already have some of the best CISSP exam practice questions with you. However, the more you have the better. Since you are going to invest your money as well as time to earn this certification, you must make sure that you are fully ready before the exam.

Do not hurry and do not skip the practice questions. You must practice as many practice questions as possible. Therefore, you should keep with yourself lots of the best CISSP exam practice questions. However, remember that if you practice the questions without completing the CISSP study material and fully understanding the concepts, you will be scoring much less in the questions. So, we recommend that you first finish your exam preparation and once you are confident that you are well prepared, then go to the practice questions.

Where to Find the Best CISSP Exam Practice Questions?

You should not look for the best CISSP exam practice questions at just any website. The practice questions should be of good quality and they should cover all the eight CISSP modules thoroughly. So, use only the practice questions, which you find good in quality and which cover the whole of the CISSP. Moreover, the questions should not be outdated. It means that the questions should be aligned with the latest CISSP study materials. The best CISSP exam practice questions would also provide you rationales with every question. Rationales will help you understand the topic more and through them, you can even learn something new.

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To make the task of finding questions easy for you, in this post, we have listed a few websites where you can find good quality CISSP practice questions.

Master of Project Academy

The first one in our list of the best CISSP exam practice questions is the CISSP exam simulator by Master of Project Academy. The company was founded in the year 2012 and has a huge number of clients. The academy conducts training on project management, IT, and quality management. To date, the Master of Project Academy has delivered training to more than 200,000 participants and businesses, in more than 180 countries. It’s a huge number and this is an indication of trust and confidence that people have in Master of Project Academy. Master of Project Academy offers courses and practice exams on many certifications. These include PMP, CAPM, 6 Sigma, Prince2, Agile, information security, and many more.

The CISSP Exam Simulator

The CISSP exam simulator offered by Master of Project Academy comprises 1050+ high-quality CISSP practice questions. The simulator has 7 CISSP mock exams and these are aligned with the latest CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). It’s a web-based simulator so you can access it from anywhere.

Answers and rationales are provided with every question. This is very important to go through rationales so that you can understand the topic more. And, if you answered a question wrong, then specially rationales are the opportunity for you to immediately correct your understanding, without needing to open any CISSP book.

CISSP Exam Simulator

When you complete an exam, you get a detailed report on your performance. In the report, you will see what you scored in the questions and in each CISSP domain. Moreover, you also get recommendations to pass the CISSP certification exam.

In addition to the paid CISSP exam simulator, Master of Project Academy also offers a Free CISSP Exam Simulator Demo. The free one includes 15 sample CISSP practice questions. You can go through these to determine the quality of the questions. If you are satisfied with these, you can then decide to purchase the paid simulator. When you enroll in the Master of Project’s online CISSP simulator, you are eligible for 24/7 support and also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Master of Project Academy’s CISSP exam simulator is available for purchase with two subscription options. One is a monthly subscription, which costs $77 a month. The other one is a lifetime subscription and it costs $197.

Best CISSP Exam Practice Questions


The second in our list of the best CISSP exam practice questions is the CISSP exam simulator by Simplilearn. Simplilearn is an online training provider. They conduct a large number of courses and CISSP is one of them. Simplilearn has been on the Internet, offering their services, since the year 2010. The company has a global clientage due to its online presence. Simplilearn also has a very good reputation among professionals as well as businesses worldwide.

Therefore, the company provides quality training and their training materials too are of good quality. Simplilearn offers 250 practice questions on CISSP and these are available for free. You can access these questions online. The practice exam comprises 250 questions and it must be completed in the duration of 6 hours.

These are all multi-choice questions and during the practice exam, you have the option to pause the test and resume whenever you want. Registering to access these questions is easy. Simply go to the Simplilearn website. Click on ‘Resources’ then at the bottom-left of the page, click on ‘Free Practice Tests’ and click on ‘Free CISSP Exam Prep Practice Test’. To start the practice exam, just enter your phone number and email address and the practice exam will start.

When you finish the exam, you see a report on your performance in the exam. Moreover, you get to know the answers that you did wrong and there are also rationales for you to understand the topics better.


Boson has been providing its services for over 20 years and has a large number of clients. Their services include the conduct of courses, providing online practice labs, and also exam preparatory materials to individuals, academic institutions, government entities, and businesses around the world. Boson specializes mainly in courses and exam materials on networking, information security, and Cloud certifications.

Unlike most of the best CISSP exam practice questions simulator options, which are accessible online, Boson’s CISSP exam simulator is a desktop application. You need to download and install it on your computer in order to run it. The simulator includes five practice exams and the total number of practice questions available is 750. The simulator specifications claim that the practice exam simulates the difficulty of the questions of the real CISSP exam. Every question includes comprehensive explanations and also references.

Boson’s CISSP exam simulator is available for purchase with a price tag of US$ 99. And, when you purchase it, you are entitled to a free upgrade whenever it is available.

Boson also provides a free web-based CISSP exam simulator demo. This demo includes 7 sample practice questions. You can try this online demo to see the quality of the questions before deciding to purchase this simulator.

Human Element

Human Element is another CISSP practice exam simulator provider. The company has been conducting cybersecurity training and providing certification exam preparatory material to individuals, commercial organizations, and government agencies, for over a decade. Among the cybersecurity courses that Human Element offers, CISSP is one of their major ones. And, they have conducted this course to many thousands of professionals, to date.

The CISSP exam simulator provided by Human Element thoroughly covers all the 8 domains of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). It includes 2,500 practice questions and there are individual domain exams that you can take. When you finish the exam, you see a scorecard showing how you performed in the exam and also provides feedback.

The price of the Human Element’s CISSP exam simulator is US$99 and they also have a demo version, which is free to try.


The last option for the best CISSP exam practice questions is the exam simulator by CyberVista. This company was founded in the year 2016. Since then they have been providing IT solutions. The other services that are in their service portfolio include conducting IT courses and providing exam preparatory materials.

CyberVista’s CISSP exam simulator costs US$ 149 with 6-month access. You can access the simulator online and there is no downloadable, desktop-based simulator available. There is also no free demo version available to try. When you purchase the simulator, you get access to downloadable printable quizzes for your offline subsequent study.

In the simulator, every question gives an answer with a detailed explanation as well as references to the CISSP books. The simulator also includes a performance tracker that allows you to see how you have performed in the practice exam. You can see your score against each CISSP module and also an overall score against all the questions that you attempted. In addition to this, the simulator features a study calendar. It helps you schedule your exam study time.

Best CISSP Exam Practice Questions: Summary

Going through the best CISSP exam practice questions is essential for the CISSP certification exam preparation. You should not skip this task at any cost. The more CISSP exam practice questions you will practice, the more you will know your strengths and weaknesses on the CISSP modules. And, when you know it, this will be the opportunity for you to revisit the study material and gain a better understanding of the topics where you were weak before.

CISSP Exam Simulator

In this post, we listed resources for the best CISSP exam practice questions. When looking for the best CISSP exam practice questions, you should try the sample practice questions first before purchasing the simulator. It will allow you to know the quality of the questions and you can then decide which simulator to purchase.

If you search the Internet, you will find many websites offering free CISSP practice questions also. However, remember, that many of these questions are not updated to the latest CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). Moreover, on some websites, there will even be questions that are irrelevant or have incorrect answers marked or even partially wrong explanations.

Therefore, utilizing free CISSP questions is not free from risk. When you are going to invest your time and money in this CISSP certification, why not spend a little more money and buy one of the best CISSP exam practice questions simulator?